Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Oh, you.

When I first saw you-

You looked at me with your diamond sky-blue eyes,
You calmly walked up as far as you could,
Your gaze caught me, followed by the rest of you,
While I stared at you, you casually strode away,
but just a bit.

Then you looked again, with those sparkling jewels.
Your tenderness was evident.
You were gorgeous.
At that moment, from that distance,
I fell in love with you.

I wanted to bring you home.
I wanted to have you.
I wanted you.

But I knew I couldn't have you.

She gave us a price, 200 bucks.
She wanted you gone,
Before you were too old to be sold,
I wished I could've bought you
Brought you home

But my home is not open to you,
although my heart was.

And so there I left,
I left you in that pet shop,
I left without feeling the softness
of your cotton-satin white fur

I left without you.

I left with that huge regret,
Of never owning one,
One like you.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Robocop Korean Delight

I grew up with Robocop, really! Ask my brother and my parents. We all sat around the telly just watching those little Robocop series.
So obviously this was a little funny you know :D! I thought I'd blog this.

Btw why don't they attack him or cry or something when he steals their fridge? Surely I wouldn't like Robocop if he stole MY fridge AND my DESSERTS along with it!!!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Jimmy Kimmel Live (Warning, not for kids)

I decided to be a bit adventurous today and came upon JKL's Youtube channel.
And then I saw this oh so interesting title O______O. Haha so being the curious person I am, I clicked it.

Okay sooooo. Seriously this isn't for the younger audience due to the sexual nature of it all but it's quite ironic to see Matt Damon and Ben Affleck do random things like this haha! Be warned.

Sarah Silverman has quite the courage I must admit.

So here's the catchy ditty!

I guess it must be horrible to be in Jimmy's position O__O! And much later on, here's Jimmy's (disturbing) comeback.

Not as nice as Sarah's, but quite hilarious in a way like how he got all those popular singers to sing a choral for him XD!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Kevjumba Nice Guys version

So there's this ultimately catchy new song from Nigahiga and Kevjumba, if you guys haven't already seen it.
But there are 3 versions of the song, and I consider this the 2nd alternate version.
This one mostly focuses on the actors faces :D
And OHHHH Kevjumba is sooooo cute when he tries to be bad*ss! Love the hair ;p.

Here we go :D!!

The bridge is so touching though ;__;.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Nail Polish Retake ;)

I think about two years ago, ( or 3 I think?) I wrote about my nail polish collection AT THAT TIME.
Well I think its time to revise that one ;). Time to update!

Tentatively here are my current darlings <3.


Yush it's just a close up. A bigger one later. I really dont know how I managed to collect so much but ah oh wells!

These are my two latest and greatest beauties atm, but I love the others too. These are just brand spanking few days old ;D

Family photo! Hahaha! I dont think I'll ever finish using them, some are beginning to dry. I should just open a shop XD.

And why do I love nail polish so much?
It all started as a mistake I made at 13 years old, but that mistake left an indelible impact on my take on nail polish.
I started to realize how nail polish can add color to fingers (no duh).

It does make a pair of hands stand out with something vivid and unique. Dainty hands make for a pretty picture, and in my opinion, proper nail polish finishes can give a very gorgeous outcome ;).

Pretty pretty pretty! <3

PS: Men, please do not try this at home although I bet quite a lot of you have at least painted one nail. Haha admit it la!

PSS : I am brand loyal, as you can see >:D. BUT I do love a good color!

PS AGAIN : This also indicates that I don't want nail polish for my presents anymore. Terlalu banyak d D:...

Sunday, May 29, 2011

My 100th post ;D!

YAAAAY I've reached my 100th post (I think) today ;D!
This blog has been around for quite a long time although I've considered switching to TUMBLR
But then again, if I'd be impressed if I reach my 1000th post, so meh ;p.

There's this awesome song I found, it's just so beautiful ;).
Although rather bittersweet, I find the melody so sweet <3. Heehee!

California King Bed - Rihanna.


Saturday, May 28, 2011

Welcome to Midnight

Yes, this day has ended now
The light I return with a stench so foul
It was naught but predators on prowl
That sun gave me the bitterest scowl

Was I a child full of blinded hope
That the ones I loved could not cope
With the evident relief from my fears
Why am I left with nothing but tears

A lesson learnt is a painful thing
My heart stopped what it started to sing
Replaced with an awkward silence lingering
This shattered mind does still ring
From that inevitable delirious sting
Of venomous, tragic Misunderstanding.

Misunderstood though I gave my all
Which led to this cruelest fall!
I gave my time I gave my love
I gave all I could, I placed it above

Above the things I used to claim
Above my dignity, trust, my name
Above the wants I said was mine
Above the things I doubted fine

Yet this happened, how can it be?
How was I so blind not to see?
Why did I ignore my dearests' plea?
That this wasn't the right one for me?

Hence into the night slowly I'll crawl
Battered and bruised from the massive brawl
Far from that girl who stood proud and tall
I give to the shadows of this curtain call

But soon enough I know I'll stand
Taller yet because I can.
I am a woman. I need no man.

Chasing the Sun.

From that morning that I so had
9am, a hasty departure from love so mad
Till the moment I sat alone hurting and sad
Without what was mine, it hurt so bad

I sat in that seat, and away I go
Away from the comfort I treasured so
Away from the home I love and know
Away from piercing dawn, the morning show

Face stained with evidence of pain
As the plane pulled away to foreign rain
A lingering, longing chant of disdain
"Stay strong stay calm, stay thoroughly sane!"

So here I am, chasing the sun
Quickly, hastily, I need to run
Land me there or darkness has won
This isn't a joke, this isn't pun

Keep me in the morning's ray
On this incandescent 8th of may
Never let the night time say
"The sun is down, my time to play"

Let today